The Admin Interface for Your PostgreSQL Databases
Enable your admins to manage content with a user-friendly GUI
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Save time to build the admin interface

Whether you are an app developer working on a freelance job or your side projects, chances are you need to build an admin interface for your clients or admins to manage the content. Simply plug SkyCMS to your PostgreSQL to get an up and running admin interface right away.

Intuitive interface and advanced content management features for your clients

Data management

Display, edit, create and delete records

File upload

A drag and drop GUI to upload multiple files

Imports and exports

Import and export bulk data to a CSV


Filter data based on configured criteria


Sort data in ascending or descending order

Simple Configurations

Most of the time you do not want to display everything to your admins or clients. For example, you may want to exclude a few tables or columns. The configuration can be done with a simple YAML file.


Have a taste of how it works! Login to the sample CMS with username: guest and password: 1234.

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Private beta coming in September

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